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Identify and fix productivity leaks

Whether it is project management, document flow, or report building – no process should restrain your business growth. We have 10+ years of experience in improving workflow efficiency with solutions we know inside out: Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Singlepoint automation platform.

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Add-ins for professional work in Excel

Forget about mindless tedious routines in Excel! XLTools contains 12 professional tools for more productive work with spreadsheets: Popup Calendar, Data Cleaning, Version Control, SQL Queries, Automation without VBA macros and more.

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Outlook add-in for group emails

Say, you want to drop an email to your hiking buddies. Or send a Calendar invite to the key account managers. How much time would you spend on digging up contacts in your mailbox? Molecula helps you find the right contacts and send group emails easily.

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Productivity is the power to overachieve

At WavePoint we believe it begins with the inner drive to do every little thing just a bit easier.

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